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Thanks for your interest in collaborating with the Wellness Zone! The Wellness Zone is our newly renovated area in the lobby of Swann Fitness Center that serves as a hub for fun, quick activities and informational seminars that expose and connect students to wellness resources and education. All programs in the Wellness Zone are designed to target at least one of the eight components of the wellness wheel: emotional, spiritual, physical, intellectual, occupational, environmental, financial, and social. 

We have specific themes for every month that we strive to focus on. The monthly themes are as follows: 
  • January: Back & Better than Ever
  • February: Heart Health Month
  • March: National Nutrition Month
  • April: Alcohol Awareness & Sexual Assault Awareness Month
  • May & June: National Physical Fitness Month
  • July: Outdoor Adventures
  • August: Social Wellness
  • September: Self-Care
  • October: Breast Cancer Awareness
  • November: Movember Men's Health Awareness
  • December: Cultural Awareness
If you feel that your event may fit into one of these themes or dimensions of wellness, please indicate that for us! We are always looking for partnerships to make our programming as diverse and pertinent as possible. 

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Wellness Zone Tabling Guidelines:

• In order to maintain the Wellness Zone as an inclusive and welcoming environment, we ask that you do not directly approach Campus Recreation patrons while tabling. Instead, we expect you to be attentive and engaging and allow the patrons passing by to stop at your table if they are interested in your information or offerings.

• While tabling, it is required that you track participation and engagement. Please tally how many students you interact with throughout your event and send these engagement numbers to for our records.

• It is best practice to never use computers or cell phones while tabling.

• No food or drink is to be given out without prior approval from Campus Recreation. Any food or drink intended for distribution must be sealed and given to patrons as they leave the facility—not upon entering.

• No merchandise may be sold and no charitable donations may be accepted while tabling in Campus Recreation facilities.

• Campus Recreation will provide tablecloths unless an organization receives prior approval to use its own branded tablecloth. This permission is granted on a case-by-case basis.

• Any marketing materials that occur in Campus Recreation facilities must be approved by Campus Recreation at least three weeks prior to the event.

• For more Wellness Zone tabling and marketing opportunities, please contact our Wellness Intern by emailing for more information.

• Any changes to your Wellness Zone Reservation must be done one week prior to event in order for us to be able to fulfill your request.

By initialing in the box below, you acknowledge that you have read and understand Campus Recreation's Wellness Zone Tabling guidelines and agree to abide by our requests. *