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IS 1010

Do you need Cross-Cultural Awareness Credit?

Undergraduate students at Clemson University must satisfy a general education cross-cultural awareness (CCA) requirement.  This requirement may be met by completing a specific course from the list of approved CCA courses or through an international experience.

Students who wish to enroll in IS 1010 in order to satisfy the Cross-Cultural Awareness requirement must inform the Office of International Affairs before studying abroad that they wish to enroll in the course. The Office of International Affairs will enroll the student in IS 1010 either during the semester they are abroad or the semester upon their return to Clemson. IS 1010 is a zero credit hour course.

To receive a grade of "P" (passing) in IS 1010, students must submit a report about their study abroad experience to the Office of International Affairs for review and approval. A copy of the report should also be sent to the student's advisor. If the student's report is approved, then the student will receive a grade of "P" (passing) in IS 1010. Students are also encouraged to supplement the written narrative with multimedia files in a digital portfolio format.

Reports submitted for the CCA requirement should address the following:

  1. Provide a complete description of the type of experience in which the student participated-purpose, location, length, language learning, housing, interaction with community members, etc.
  2. Explain how the experience broadened the student's understanding of other cultures.
  3. Discuss how the experience affected the student's personal awareness and understanding of his/her own heritage, cultural or ethnic identity, and values.
  4. Compare and contrast the student's values with other views/values/perspectives that the student encountered during the international experience.
  5. Discuss how this experience has influenced the students thinking about "culture" and how culture affects behavior.

**Note: Margins should be no greater than one-inch; font size no greater than 12 point; photos may be included, but do not count toward the total length of your paper; number all pages. Be sure to include the following information: your name, CU ID number, the name, location, and dates of the program you participated in.

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