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Available Equipment

Indoor Dodgeball (55 available; $20/set of 10/day)
Flag Belts (105 available; $15/set of 24/day) (plus $3 per belt if not returned)
Football (6 available; $5 each/day)
Kickball (3 available; $3 each/day)
Indoor Soccer Ball (2 available; $3 each/day)
Outdoor Soccer Ball (1 available; $3 each/day)
Sand Volleyball (4 available; $3 each/day)
Portable Volleyball Set (2 available; $40 each/day)
Cornhole Set (2 available; $15 each/day)
Cones - 6" (131 available; $6/set of 12/day)
Cones - 12" (12 available; $10/set of 12/day)
Wiffle Ball Bat (4 available; $5 each/day)
Table Top Scorekeeper (10 available; $4 each/day)
Water Cooler (For outdoor use only - 6 available; $3 each/day)
Sound System (2 available, indoor use for events at Fike Recreation Center only; $75 each/day)
Pop Up Tent (3 available; $15 each/hour, $100 max/day)
Podium (1 available; $5 each/day)
Stage (1 available; $30 each/day)
Stage Skirt (1 available; $10 each/day)
Folding Table (25 available; $3 each/day. Available for indoor use for events at Fike Recreation Center only)
Folding Chair (202 available; $1 each/day. Available indoor use for events at Fike Recreation Center only.)

Please list the equipment and quanitites that you would like to rent:

Unless other arrangements have been made through the Events and Scheduling office, I agree to return all equipment the business day following the date(s) of the event described above. Our club/organization accepts responsibility for replacing any equipment that may be lost or damaged during the period we have it checked out, and we understand that abuse of the equipment or failure to abide by the guidelines for its use as stated below will result in loss of equipment rental privileges.

Guidelines for use of Equipment:
1. Equipment must be reserved through the Events and Scheduling office. Table and chair rentals are for use in Fike only.
2. Equipment must be checked-out and returned to the Welcome Desk at Fike. Equipment is expected to be clean and dry, in good operating condition, and properly packed when returned. You must check-in equipment with a front desk staff member. Do not drop off equipment.

By signing below, you agree to these terms and conditions.

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