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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Clemson University Community Partner.  Through your partnership, Clemson is able to provide richer educational opportunities for our students through service experiences.  By accepting and supervising Clemson students as they serve your agency, you are helping to educate these students through real-life experiences and are contributing to promoting civic responsibility.

 As a Community Partner, you agree to:

- Provide students with appropriate orientation, training, and supervision.

- Provide a clear description of the expectations, requirements, and responsibilities for the assigned task.

- Provide a safe and appropriate service environment.

- Advise students of their need for health/medical insurance when necessary.  Please note that Clemson University does not require students to carry health/medical insurance.

- Promptly provide the Civic Engagement Office with updates and changes in agency information, such as contact names, address, phone number, etc.

- Not discriminate against any individual or group of individuals on the basis of age, color, disability, gender, national origin, race religion, sexual orientation or veteran’s status.

- Assure that students who volunteer with you are not also concurrently employed by you.

- Assure that student volunteers will not displace employees.

- Provide feedback to the Civic Engagement Office on your experience with students and faculty.

- Report student service hours annually to the Civic Engagement Office.

The Clemson University Civic Engagement Office agrees to:

- Serve as a “one-stop-shop” to initiate alerting the campus of your community service or service-learning needs.

- Advise you on additional campus departments to contact when your needs fall beyond the scope of the Service Office (such as the need for interns, part-time employees, etc.)

- Advertise your volunteer needs to the campus community.

- Invite you to participate in the Volunteer Fair.

- Assist you in connecting with faculty for potential service-learning projects, grant partnerships, etc.

- Assist you with the reservations process for holding meetings (such as trainings, informational meetings, or even staff development workshops) on campus.

- Provide information to you about campus resources that may be useful for your agency.

- Promptly provide you with updates and changes on Civic Engagement Office staff, location, phone number, etc.

- Provide you with feedback from students and faculty who work with you.

By submitting the information below, you acknowledge and agree to the responsibilities listed above.

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